About Us

Hi! We are Nisha and Sam. We started Naksha in 2020. Our extraordinary recipe kits have a simple purpose: to be fun and transform how people cook.





Food which leads you on journeys.

Naksha is inspired by the places we love. In 2020, when the world was in lockdown, cooking offered us an escape - and it gave us the idea for Naksha. Our kits help you cook exotic meals with simple recipes and hand-crafted ingredients. The kits make cooking an adventure, whether you are cooking for yourself or for friends and family.

Food for a culturally-conscious lifestyle.

Food tastes best when it has a story. Our recipes are inspired by real places and developed with local chefs. Our food is the opposite of generic. Each collection is decorated with gorgeous hand-drawn art by a local artist. And the recipe kits suit even the busiest schedule by providing specialist ingredients in just the right quantities.

We are innovating the “meal kit” category.

We curate specialist ingredients so that you can leave your comfort zone and experience new flavours. We do not provide chilled items. This maximises convenience because you can experiment with substitutions and cook whenever (and whatever) feels right.

Unlock your kitchen creativity.

Everything about our recipe kits - from the exotic spices to the unique design – is meant to illuminate and inspire. To us, cooking is about having fun and pushing boundaries. With Naksha, you will travel further in your kitchen than you ever thought was possible.