How it Works

1. Choose a kit

  • Choose which exotic gourmet dish you want to cook
  • Check which fresh ingredients you need to buy in addition to the kits (e.g. meat or veg)
  • Kits have a long shelf-life and can be stored for twelve months at home in a cupboard

2. Follow the recipe card

  • Kits contain organic and hand-crafted ingredients in exactly the right quantities: no mess, no waste, just what you need
  • The easy recipe card has been tried-and-tested by both locals and professional chefs
  • Dishes take between 25 – 50 mins to cook or bake and require no special skills

3. Enjoy a delicious treat

  • Treat yourself, your family or your friends to a beautifully exotic meal or sweet treat
  • The flavours are inspired by travel. Naksha dishes are the closest thing to home-cooked street food
  • If you enjoy your first kit, continue the journey by trying our other adventurous options