With our Baked Collection, you can bake sweet treats inspired by the sensuous flavours of Arabia and the Middle East. Authentic ingredients from the UAE, Turkey and Lebanon bring the dishes to life and easy recipes mean you can bake them easily at home with no fuss, no waste, and minimum mess. Indulge your friends and family by baking them a slice of magic.

Baking kits

Chef collaboration


A passionate cook, writer & die-hard dreamer, Lidija Abu Ghazaleh dives into the depths of the culinary world to showcase the beauty and the magic that happens in the kitchen and beyond. Whether it’s in her own kitchen, or in the presence of a master, interweaving elements of finesse are key components of Lidija’s Kitchens’ philosophy. Celebrated as a chef willing to embrace novelty and challenge convention, transcending the confines of the “kitchen” walls lies at the heart of Lidija’s Kitchen – and that is exactly what she has done with Naksha, designing three beautiful middle east-inspired baking kits which make gourmet desserts simpler and more accessible than they have ever been before.

Artist collaboration

Engine Ezeldin is an emerging Egyptian artist. Based in Cairo and New York City, Engie’s multidisciplinary practice embodies a unique coming of age theme; conversing topics of dialogue, internal monologue and womanhood. Engie experiments with a variety of mediums to visually transport viewers into scenes that are familiar yet surreal.

For Naksha’s Baked Collection, Engie produced three unique works of hand-drawn art representing the countries the collection was inspired by. Depicting elements of the landscape and culture of the UAE, Turkey and Lebanon, the artwork complements the recipes and accentuates the key flavours of Emirati dates, Turkish coffee and Lebanese tahini.