The Caribbean is an idyllic part of the world were time dances, light shimmies, and flavours relax. Our Caribbean collection of gourmet recipe kits brings you food that represents the best of the Caribbean, from sunny Cuba, to raucous Jamaica, to the laid-back “spice island” of Grenada.  

All our recipes contain organic ingredients and are vegan friendly. This means that for every dish, easy substitution allows for meat, vegetarian or vegan options. The choice is yours!

Recipe kits

Chef collaboration


Moreish by K is one of Dubai’s most sought after chefs. A native of North London, she is celebrated both as a legendary supper club hostess and a gifted cook, delighting guests with her gorgeous food and flair for storytelling. We loved collaborating with her for the design of this collection.

Moreish by K has long had a fascination with Caribbean cuisine, the immigrant flavours of which combine in tasty and unexpected ways. Whether it is the juicy herbiness of Ropa Vieja, the ocean spice of curried goat, or the tropical coconut of Oil Down, Caribbean food is full of fun and passion. Caribbean food is loud and proud, and these recipe kits will have you singing (or dancing) its praises! 

Meet the Artist

Kraig Yearwood is an acclaimed Bajan artist and designer. He uses mixed media and takes joy in melding and mashing different forms. Yearwood’s approach is bold and vivid yet has minimalist sensibilities. The images he has produced for our Caribbean collection of gourmet recipe kits embody this.  

Cuba and Jamaica are represented by simple architectural motifs which reflect local traditions of the respective island, while Grenada (the “spice isle”) is depicted as an island, lush and green, in honour of its essential island characteristic. The unifying pattern of the collection is a tessellated breeze block, an object familiar across the Caribbean. By linking the works in this way, with everyday patterns set against vibrant colour, Yearwood brings the dishes together while allowing the viewer to still revel in their extravagant – and delicious – differences.