The shores of the Indian Ocean encompass palm-shaded sands, arid deserts, steaming rainforests and water as clear as glass. The cuisines of the Indian Ocean reflect this diversity, including food which is fruity, often creamy, sometimes smoky, and always amazingly spiced.

All our recipes contain organic ingredients and are vegan friendly. This means that for every dish, easy substitution allows for meat, vegetarian or vegan options. The choice is yours!

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Meet the Artist

Originally from West Bengal in India and now working in Singapore, Ekom Mamik is an artist whose striking interpretation of the Indian Ocean for our first collection alludes to its cuisine but also details the beauty of its people and idiosyncrasies of its landscapes.

The core motif of the collection - a surrealist head set against a silken gold disc - brings to mind a blazing sunrise, like you might get in the Maldives, the mountains of Oman or on the east-facing beaches of the Horn of Africa. The hand-drawn herringbone threaded through the collection hints at exquisite tribal craftsmanship of the region - including the traditional “barasti” patterns native to the Arabian gulf.