NATURAL PRODUCTS NEWS | Naksha launches Singapore Collection in the UK

July 21, 2023

NATURAL PRODUCTS NEWS | 21 JULY 2023 | July sees the launch of three Singapore-themed Extraordinary Recipe Kits created by Naksha and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). With recipes designed by Haikal Johari, head chef at Singapore’s Michelin-starred Alma restaurant, the collection shines a spotlight on the Malay, Peranakan and Chinese influences in Singaporean cuisine with three kits: Lemak Cili Padi – creamy coconut curry with lime leaf and turmeric; Ngoh Hiang – crispy summer rolls with five-spice and paprika; and Asam Pedas – spiced tomato stew with tamarind and lemongrass. “The kits make it easy to prepare tasty Singaporean dishes at home,” says Naksha co-founder Nisha Ramisetty. “Singapore food is rich in spices and requires lots of specialist ingredients, so it suits the recipe kit model perfectly.” Naksha x STB’s Singapore Collection is now available in UK stores including Whole Foods Market and Harrods.