CONVENIENCE STORE | Naksha Recipe Kits hit the UK market

June 15, 2023

CONVENIENCE STORE | 15 JUNE 2023 | Naksha Recipe Kits have been launched in the UK.

Naksha’s kits feature dishes from Cuba (Ropa Vieja), Singapore (Lemak Cili Padi), Turkey ((Dark chocolate fondant with Turkish coffee), Jamaica (Curried Goat) and Lebanon (Milk chocolate blondies with Lebanese tahini), with prices ranging from £7.99 to £11.50.

Co-founder Nisha Ramisetty said: “Many people want to cook more often but struggle to keep their menu varied. At the same time, many tempting cuisines are perceived to be too complex, expensive or wasteful to cook at home. Naksha tackles this by curating recipes from amazing places and giving customers the specialist ingredients needed to cook them without waste or fuss. UK consumers are hungry to cook food with engaging origin stories, and we are feeding that appetite.”